Baby Classes
(6-16 Months)

Our Baby Classes are designed to support your child’s first years of life. We have every aspect of your baby’s development covered – from social interaction to physical activity to cognitive learning, and there’s plenty of time for play!

Classes Infant

Sensory Baby Play  (2-8 Months)

Teacher-led activities that support strong sensory development and baby’s first exploration of play! Engaging tummy time exercises, songs, and props provide fun for babies and parents alike. Meet parents just like you and learn play activities to do at home.

Baby Classes

Play & Learn 3 (8-16 Months)

Practice physical skills like balance and coordination, while the teacher encourages discovery and exploration for both parents and children! You’ll learn more about how your little one interacts with the world around them and how you can help with their discovery.

Play & Learn for All (16 – 36 Months)

Bring all your children to a class with important benefits to multi-aged learning. Explore play environments, movement games, fine-motor playtime, storytime and parachute activities. Activities are designed to enhance sibling collaboration. Infants and toddlers explore activities at their own pace, together!

Baby Yoga

Yoga Mum & Baby  (2-12 Months)

Teacher-led activities from restorative yoga to calorie-burning cardio with your baby strapped to you or in a mat.  While you squat, calf raise and curtsy, the dynamic workout either bounces your baby off to sleep or gives them the giggles. This class also promotes balance, strength and work to tone overstretched areas.



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    6 Class Membership


    • Any 45 min Class.

    • 6 Class Credits.

    • Any Open Gym.

    • Valid for 6 weeks.

    6 Class Membership
    Valid for 6 weeks from date of purchase.  Requires registration fee of CHF100.

    12 Class Membership


    • Any 45 min Class.

    • 12 Class Credits.

    • Any Open Gym.

    • Valid for 12 weeks.

    12 Class Membership
    Valid for 6 weeks from date of purchase.  Requires registration fee of CHF100.

    Lifetime Registration


    • For 45 min classes.

    • For all siblings.

    • Needed for memberships.

    • Valid for life.

    Lifetime Registration
    Unique non-refundable membership registration fee of CHF100 for all siblings for life.

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    6 Class Pass


    • Any 45 min Class.

    • 6 Class Credits.

    • Valid for 3 months.

    6 Class Pass
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    Our Class Schedule

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    Weekly Schedule can be adapted from time to time


    • Attire: Let your child explore barefoot. Their toes are needed for balance.

    • Socks: All Adults must wear socks while on the playfloor – no shoes are allowed. Please remember to bring a pair with you.

    • Health: Please bring only healthy children to class. We have a liberal make-up policy so you won’t miss out on any of the fun!

    • Hug: Stay within an arm’s length of your child at all times.

    • Refreshment: Food and drink are not allowed on the playfloor. Leave food and beverages in the kitchen.

    • Play Gyms: All enrolments include unlimited access to our Play Gyms.

    • Terms & Conditions: Schedule and prices are subject to change and apply to Nyon only.

    Parent Podcasts

    Tips for parents to support early childhood development and stimulation.