Stepping Up aims to be an Exceptional Early Childhood Academy.

Early Childhood Education

In 2017, Claudia founded Stepping Up, driven by a strong dedication to the well-being of all children. The academy is committed to outstanding early childhood education tailored for youngsters aged 0 to 5 years.

Stepping Up’s educational approach is meticulously designed to enhance and cultivate critical elements of early childhood development, encompassing emotional, motor, social, and foundational skills.

The primary goal of the academy is to prepare young children for their future educational journeys by embracing the most current and recognised practices in early childhood development.

With an unwavering commitment to nurturing the all-around growth and progress of each child, Stepping Up strives to establish a nurturing and enriching environment for these young learners.

Champion Team

Dedicated, Qualified and Passionate!

Parent Podcasts

Tips for parents to support early childhood development and stimulation.

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